Daniyah Irfan

Qualification: PGD in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
Experience: 16+ years
Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi
Specialized in: PCOD, Gut & Mental Health
City of Practice: Hyderabad
Clinic Name: Define your Diet

Contact: 9885136071
Email ID: daniyah.irfan@gmail.com

About Me

I’m a dietician turned freelancer turned life coach, Holistic coach, Diabetes educator and a soon to be Author. In addition to adorning so many hats in my career in a span of more than 20 yrs, I’m a proud nutritionist mom too. I’m so passionate about my profession that I eat, sleep and think transformations.

My satisfaction lies in creating a breakthrough and making a difference in the lives of all those who are suffering or who are stuck in some area of their life. I believe that Dissatisfaction in any area of life leads to a negative manifestation in the body.

My Mission is to create happy families and empower women to take charge of their health so they are happy mentally, physically and emotionally. A Woman educated is a nation educated.

My Vision is to create health for 100,000 people in the next 5 years.


Spanning so many years, I have been able to counsel and treat many disease conditions like Diabetes, osteoporosis, diabetes or hypothyroidism and the leader of all- Obesity. But I was unable to Reverse any disorder totally. The changes were neither sustainable nor permanent.

Long term change and reversal is what I could achieve by using holistic practice. With this approach, there is better compliance and hence visible results. When the mindset changes, health and physiology automatically changes.

Happiness comes from good health. that’s why we say health is wealth and the biggest wealth is in being happy. As your coach, I walk with you through your journey. I help you understand your inner self, your beliefs and what drives you to take action.

I used to be introverted and shy as a person in the earlier days of my profession and realised my real potential when I took up Holistic Nutrition Practice, which changed me and my approach to clients. I’m more friendly, cordial and non-judgemental with empathy, compassion and a curiosity to know people better.

Be Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Strong!

What My Clients Are Saying

I am extremely overwhelmed by the journey I have been through in these past two months from being overweight (73kg) to now being a normal weight (66kg) person feeling confident and energized. Thank you so much to push me through this & especially in understanding my preferences and guiding me accordingly. When I understood that it’s not just about food or exercise, but also the mindset I have towards my body which has helped me a lot. Thank you Daniyah Irfan for helping me change myself and lose weight."
Mrs Halima
32 yrs, Homemaker
"My life and lifestyle changed!
I have had PCOD for about 7 years. I tried all forms of heavy workouts and doctors consultations, but no difference. Since the time I have come across Daniya Irfan; her guidance and support has helped me tremendously with my weight and overall well being. Her diet is so easy to follow and she is also very approachable. Just a week after I started following her given diet and holistic methods I could see the difference. I started feeling active and could see visible differences in my weight, moods and bloating. Also, I adapted slowly to the lifestyle changes that she recommended. It's been great since then. Thank you so much. !"
Mariam Affan
23 yrs, Play Therapist