Jyothi Srinivas

Qualification: MSc Food Science & Nutrition; MSc Applied Nutrition
Experience: 23+ years
Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi
Specialized in: Preventing Lifestyle Diseases, Fitness Expert
City of Practice: Hyderabad
Clinic Name: Nourish & Flourish

Contact: 9652599066
Email ID: nourishwithjyothi@gmail.com

About Me

Motivated by the concept of wellness and preventive health, I become a Holistic Nutrition Coach. Actively working in the field of various lifestyle disorders and specific disease management, I have come a long way in the last two decades to develop a systemic approach supported by scientific knowledge. The unique concept of overall lifestyle management which includes educating, counseling and monitoring the various concepts of diet and exercise along with innovative lifestyle changes helped to successfully coach many towards health and wellness. 

The ultimate goal in my life is to see a stress free and disease-free world. In order to achieve this, it’s very important to have good overall health which includes one’s physical, mental, social and emotional state. So, the balance of the mind, body and soul are very important. Practicing right thoughts leads to right actions, which further results in developing right emotions and this emotional health will automatically reset physical health and make it strong and sustainable. 

​In simple words, a healthy, peaceful and vibrant soul around every other person is my target and I dare to dream of a glorified healthy world.


A few words about myself from my client’s point of view.

 “You are a wonderful person helping out everybody with very useful and important information which cannot be found very easily even in google.com”. – Pratyusha

“You have been an instrument and tool in nurturing my family in the best possible way’’. – Mrunalini Earabathini.

“Thank you for your positive approach and discipline in enriching us on a day-to-day basis”. – Vasanthi Vachespathi.

“You are our nutrition dictionary’’. – Sirisha Gandi

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