Neeraja Ajay

Qualification: M.Sc Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
Experience: 5+ years
Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi, Can understand Tamil
City of Practice: Delhi
Clinic Name: Swastha Nutricure Wellness LLP Clinic (online consultation)

Contact: 8074169660
Email ID:

About Me

I’m a Clinical Nutritionist and a proud mother of 2 kids. I’m passionate about my profession and started online consultation, turned Holistic Nutrition coach now.

As a clinical Nutritionist I came across many success stories but the real flavour of my success and happiness experienced only  after I turned as a Holistic Nutrition Coach because  now I’m able to reverse chronic lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, PCOD, obesity etc.,

In my view: Being  healthy is not a goal, it’s way of living, when you start eating food without labels, it is not necessary to count calories…..

As a Holistic Nutrition coach I create a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that benefits the mind ,body and soul

My formula of expression: 

Start healing naturally and lets build wellness rather than treating disease.

My favourite saying : 

A DREAM with ACTION  is a VISION and  A VISION without ACTION is a DREAM

I strongly believe this, without our actions towards our visions will remain like a dream….

Here I am to help you out in actions towards your dreams of being healthy and we as a team win your healthy visions ……

Let’s initiate here………

What My Clients Are Saying

Firstly, you did a great job. It’s really a good initiative taken. The program is very well planned. Followup and consultation is good and comforting. Wish you all the best for many more such successful chapters. “I have learned that it’s possible to do a diet program without any feeling that I’m rationing my food intake. I have never felt that I was starving. “
K. N. Murthy
I was very disappointed when I came to know that im detected with diabetes as my sister was a diabetic and has a maternal history of diabetes. And even my wife felt bad after hearing this.I felt relaxed after speaking with Neeraja (who is my cousin) and Moulika as They said that its a lifestyle disorder can be reversed from that day I followed their instructions and try my best to follow each and everything they suggested for me. Miraculaously my sugar levels came down and now I'm confident that I'm going to win diabetes soon with the help of these people. Thank you so much.
Ch. V. V. S. Reddy