Padma Kathi

Qualification: M.Sc Food & Nutrition
Experience: 8+ years
Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi, Gujao
Specialized in: Diabetes, Obesity, Gut Issues & Women Health
City of Practice: Ahmedabad
Clinic Name: Online Consultation (Good life)

Contact: 9904280082
Email ID:

About Me

I am Padma Kathi, Dietician and a Holistic Nutrition Coach. I have completed M.Sc. (Food and Nutrition), Certificated in Child and Nutrition care, Certified Diabetic Educator. I have more than 8 years of experience. I am always keen & enthusiastic about food. I love to try different varieties of food & different combos which gives out new flavours.

I am passionate about assisting users to lead healthier lifestyles by setting goals and good habits for overall betterment. I truly believe in creating a healthy lifestyle with healthy habits along with moderation, not restrictions. As a Holistic nutrition coach, we are seeing seven areas of life. I talk about holistic wellness, self-healing, and food-as-medicine. I am passionate about nutritional therapies and lifestyle interventions when dealing with Diabetes, Obesity, autoimmune disease, and hormone imbalance. I help women simplify their life, and minds, live with more aligned intentions.

My mission is to help others suffering from Diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, and unfulfilled lives take control of their healing, preserve the integrity of their recovery, maintain the integrity of their bodies, and live life on their terms.

My Mantra Is “Eat to nourish your body”.  I feel it is important to be physically, mentally & spiritually healthy or order to lead a happy and successful life.

Why Is This Holistic Nutrition Coaching So Needed Today?

For me, holistic living is about my entire being—the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I recognize that each of these systems affects each other (for better and worse) because they are connected as a whole.

As a Holistic Nutrition coach, I am here to provide the tools and support clients need to work on their health and mental wellbeing goals. There is no single approach to holistic Nutrition, and the way one gets there will be tailored to the individual.

What My Clients Are Saying

"After self-introduction Coach spoke over phone for 3 hours to know the detailed history about health, Food habits, Personal issues/emotions. Responded promptly on shared medical reports and clarified our doubts with patience. Suggested daily food chart with specified timings which includes morning breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Motivated by sharing the information about Yoga and online books for reference. Follow up on daily meal status by requesting us to share screenshots for validation. Suggested meditation techniques to maintain mental health. Enquired about physical activity during every course. Finally Appreciate her support and guidance since starting of the course."
"Talking about This program I will enjoying this..So many things I have to improved like ...Laziness-feel less, stress level goes down, hungary-digesion of beans ,enjoying to eat salads, rice and beans-abhi muje neend achhi aati hai, meera periods regular aana shuru huva, abhi confidence aaya hi ke mujhe bacche hojayagei.. Ee sab kuch aap ke vajase..Thank you maam (Sunday to bahr ka khana yaad aahi jata hai ma'am kya karu I cant control my mind..fir jab tak nai khati to maja nai aata sunday cheat meal ho jata hai😜"