Pavi Maragani

Qualification: MS in Communication and Journalism, Certificate in Technical Communication
Experience: 3+ years
Languages: English, Hindi & Telugu
Specialized in: Autoimmune, Gut Health, Weight Loss and Fitness
City of Practice: Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Clinic Name: Third Eye Wellness Coach

Contact: 1-408-460-7475
Email ID:

About Me

I am a Software Help Developer turned into a Holistic Nutritionist and a Fitness Coach with a growing list of credentials to formalize my many years of research, in-depth knowledge and passion for nutrition, superfoods, Ayurveda, and my 20+ years of fitness experience. However, let me bring your attention to the three traits that are unique about me: Empathy, Tenacity, and Uber Curiosity!

I fought my own battle with a debilitating diagnosis that resulted in a lack of faith in the western approach of over-medicating with prescription drugs. Overmedicating caused at least one or more irreversible side effects for me.

I now empower others to become their best selves! By providing them with holistic lifestyle tools to prioritize self, manage stress, eliminate yo-yo dieting and live purposefully with self-care rituals and sustainable approaches. 

I am a fitness evangelist and believe that fitness is not about having the perfect body but it is about being healthy and feeling relentlessly beautiful to live life to its fullest mindfully by taking charge of your life through integrating balance not just with fitness and nutrition but back to the basics as we were designed to.

My Vision: To empathize and empower you with tools to take charge of your health and lifestyle

My Motto: Progress not Perfection!

What My Clients Are Saying

I am extremely overwhelmed by the journey I have been through in these past two months from being overweight (73kg) to now being a normal weight (66kg) person feeling confident and energized. Thank you so much to push me through this & especially in understanding my preferences and guiding me accordingly. When I understood that it’s not just about food or exercise, but also the mindset I have towards my body which has helped me a lot. Thank you Daniyah Irfan for helping me change myself and lose weight."
Mrs Halima
32 yrs, Homemaker
"My life and lifestyle changed!
I have had PCOD for about 7 years. I tried all forms of heavy workouts and doctors consultations, but no difference. Since the time I have come across Daniya Irfan; her guidance and support has helped me tremendously with my weight and overall well being. Her diet is so easy to follow and she is also very approachable. Just a week after I started following her given diet and holistic methods I could see the difference. I started feeling active and could see visible differences in my weight, moods and bloating. Also, I adapted slowly to the lifestyle changes that she recommended. It's been great since then. Thank you so much. !"
Mariam Affan
23 yrs, Play Therapist