Priya Sahni

Qualification: Msc Dietetics & Nutrition
Experience: 3+ years
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Specialized in: Gut Health & Renal Health
City of Practice: Ambala Cantt
Clinic Name: Absolutediet Online Consultation & Hospital

Contact: 7988561059
Email ID:

About Me


Since I have completed my Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition, I felt Dietitian’s job is not just to count calories and making diet plans alone. That’s where I started my journey as a Holistic coach under my mentor Dr. Suresh. He gave me a completely new perspective of treating a person and not just the disease. As a holistic coach, I’m going to help you to look into your physical body as well as your psycho-emotional state. I’ll walk with you and will take you through a journey of discovering your own self. The first consultation as a holistic coach helps me to understand you as a person, your likes/dislikes, your beliefs, food habits and much more. Understanding you as a person is helpful in making all the customized interventions for you as a coach. 

Let’s get your journey started. As a coach, I’m going to take care of 7 areas of your life which in turn helps to overcome any disease/disorder.


  • Gut health
  • Weight Loss
  • Hypothyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Mental health

What My Clients Are Saying

"I had hormonal treatment for PCOS for 2 years but found no result. With your approach, diet and lifestyle, I am getting such good results. I had given up on myself. I thought it would take nearly 1 year to get the periods. I finally got my periods after almost 5 months without any medication. 1st time in the past 3+ years without any medication. I am so thankful to you for helping me. "
From Hyderabad
"My mother suffered from acute Pancreatitis, diabetes neuropathy, Gastritis once a year. Her Pancreatitis medication has stopped after 9 months and Diabetes medication reduced to half. You gave my mom a new way to live happily with your valuable solutions. Mom is recovering gradually. I need your support for my mom. Thanks Didi. "
From West Bengal