K. Sandhya Rani

Qualification: M.Sc Food & Nutrition
Experience: 9+ years
Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi
Specialized in: Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac & Women Health
City of Practice: Hyderabad
Clinic Name: Online Consultation

Contact: 9989445867
Email ID: sandeeguru319@gmail.com

About Me

I am K. Sandhya Raj, done my Masters in Food and Nutrition from Osmania University College for Women and have an experience of 9 years in the Field of Nutrition both online and offline. I am a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Holistic Nutrition Coach. 

I have given several presentations and talks in corporate companies and Government Organizations in Nutrition and Health. Worked for 5 years in multi-speciality Hospital in Hyderabad and then continued as a Free lancer and started Online Consultations. I am Skilled at working with Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac Problems and Women Health issues.

My Passion is to drive the Health Care Motor towards achieving the Holistic Goals and be the future healer of pain and trauma from several lifestyle Disorders and Diseases with Holistic Nutrition Approach.

I am ambitious and dedicated in contributing my services to any extent in relieving my clients from any Health Issue. My Vision is to see the Holistic Approach in Health industry as unique and the most effective way to treat all the Diseases and Disorder and decrease the dependency of Medicines and their brutal effects on Human Body.

What My Clients Are Saying

"I am very Happy and fortunate to share my Feed back of my Remarkable journey with My Coach Sandhya Rani. I was Suffering from High BP and uncontrolled Diabetes since 12 years. Ever since i followed the Holistic Transformational tools and personalized diet plan , both BP and Diabetes came under control and after 60 days i am able to control Diabetes and BP without Medication and Food is my new Medication. My Coach Sandhya is Dedicated, caring and her conventional intervention made the journey smooth .She was closely monitoring my emotions changing with regular follow ups. I strongly Feel that these Nutrition Coaches are way better than Doctors in treating any Lifestyle disorders."
Mrs. Mahalaxmi.
"Holistic Approach is completely new for me .I was suffering from BP since 17 years and no medication was helpful in managing the BP . My Nutrition Coach Sandhya madam is like a boon who addressed my problem by knowing the cause of the cause and within 45 days by BP was in normal limits .Her Non judgemental attitude always made me comfortable in sharing my problems. She always made food as my best medication. Her Passion for helping the clients, communication skills and Patience listening are unique qualities of her. Coach Sandhya is now a Family member and i always be thank full to her."
Mr. Srinivas Rao