Shikha Banthiya

Qualification: M.Sc. in Food Science and Nutrition, Dietitian and a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Diabetes Educator & Certified in Ayurvedic Dietetics
Experience: 2+ years
Specialized in: Dietitian and a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Diabetes Educator

Contact: +91 8989538922
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About Me

I deeply believe that food is not the only thing that makes our body but all the things (through all our senses and from all around) that goes into us, consciously or subconsciously makes our body or it makes ‘US’. In the holistic perspective of the health, it is seen as a whole, as a total and complete entity comprising of all the seven areas of our life. These Seven areas of our life influence each other very deeply.

I believe in lifestyle modifications through the sustainable and healthy habit formation. These habits help the person to lead a healthy and happy life. 

As a Holistic Coach, here I am to coach you, to hand hold you and to make a move from Dis-Ease to Ease. I believe in Healing the Journey of the person – Healthy Journey.

My Motto is Health-Happiness-Harmony in a person`s life.

So hold my hand and we will walk towards a better health and wellness.

What People Are Saying

I want to share one very good news - I`m fine by god`s grace. The lump on left side seems to have dissolved. The pain has gone and I`m feeling better and happy. On the right side, also i feel it has reduced a lot. It is all your efforts and love that this has been possible with me. Thank you so much
A mom who lives to be an inspiration