Swapna Rajaram

Qualification: M.Sc Foods and Nutrition & Certified Yoga Instructor
Experience: 7 years
Languages: English & Tamil
Specialized in: Life style disorders / weight management
City of Practice: Chennai /Global

Contact: +91 8056284174
Email ID: swapna.sreedharan@gmail.com

About Me

I am Swapna Rajaram, Nutritionist with Masters in Foods & Nutrition. I have 7+ years of experience in this field as dietician in a multi-speciality hospital, guest speaker on women health for corporates, counselling sessions for corporates and done cookery demo for corporates & schools.

I am also a certified Yoga Instructor with my core strength in

  • Surya namaskar 
  • Spine strengthening 

To me, Health is a complete wellness of a person physical, mental, social, vocational, emotional etc. I deal with

  • Weight management
  • Life style disorders – Diabetes/PCOS/Hypertension

Being a Holistic Coach, I would not only tell you what to do, when to do & how to do, but will hold your hands in your journey throughout.

As a Holistic coach, I always believe – “Our body listens to our mind”. The way we think and our belief plays a major role in manifesting/healing the disease/disorder more than the diet/lifestyle. 

The ultimate goal in my life is to see a stress free, disease-free happy and contented world.

Yes, from here we move ahead as a team in transforming YOU into a healthy human being.

Come, Lets begin our journey together……..


What People Are Saying

“Overall my program was good. Diet plan and the detox drink helped me a lot. It gave a nice refreshment to my body. The interventions helped me to improve my physical & emotional fitness. Came to know that more than diet & exercise, my emotions, thinking plays a major role in weight loss. Thanks a lot for this improvement in me”
38-year-old home maker
“Overall program was good. Diet plan and the detox drink helped me a lot. It gave a nice refreshment to my body, The tools helped me to improve my mental/emotional fitness”.
30-year-old teacher